Case Studies in Assistive Technology and How It Helps – Part 3: Steve Stays Active and Pursues His Passion

   A lifelong athlete, Steve developed blindness in his later years.  Yet, with assistive technology devices, all his activities are still available to him.  “You can’t let anything stop you,” he says.  In addition, Steve called upon his fascination for vintage items to start an antique business.  Relying increasingly on his computer, Steve uses several apps.  Previously, Steve used ZoomText, which enlarges the text on the screen of a computer or mobile device and increases contrast, but his condition got to the point he could no longer use it.  To navigate walking in the community, he uses MapQuest on his iPhone, a device with excellent accessibility features for people who are blind or visually impaired.  A voice that tells what icon one is touching, and tapping the icon twice selects the feature.  He is still able to do all the sports he loves.  “Without the technology, I would have never known that these things existed.”


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