Autism Is Not Outgrown Nor Cured :Focus On Support

People need to be accepted, not judged. Autism awareness – through understanding, empathy, advocacy, and self-advocacy – leads to acceptance and putting judgment aside.

Taking The Diss Out Of Disabled

Autism cures and the origins of autism are running rampant presently. New articles appear in all media venues daily. Some are downright invalidated claims that appear to have been pulled out of a metaphorical hat randomly.

As the parent of an adult son with Asperger’s syndrome and educator, I will attempt to form my rebuttal. I have gained more knowledge working with special needs children in the classroom and bringing up a child on the spectrum to adulthood living with him 24 – 7 then I ever learned in my Masters of education courses and undergrad psychology courses.

For sure, my educational background provided me with the knowledge and application for diagnostic techniques, application, delivery, behaviors and comprehension of learning, emotional and developmental syndromes. However, I learned quickly that neither my students nor my son came from a page in a textbook. An alternate college called school of hard knocks…

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