Parents Of Autistic Children – Feeling Judged By Others

People with autism are often judge – and so are their parents. To counter this insensitivity, parents need to engage in disability advocacy and awareness. This article gives tips on how to do so.

Taking The Diss Out Of Disabled

Parenting children on the autism spectrum can make interactions with the public a stressful event. The child’s behaviors can draw disapproving and judgmental stares or unsolicited remarks from the public. Autism differs from many other disabilities based on the fact that children with autism generally do not appear different from neurotypical children.

When people see a blind child with a cane, they immediately understand that the child is blind. It is obvious that a child cannot walk if they use a wheel chair for mobility. A child with hearing aids is deaf to some degree. Children with autism very often have no discernible differences in appearance. Their disability is hidden from the eye to a large extent.

This fact is resultant in individuals making judgments when observing autistic children. A parent who’s six year old is in a stroller will result in comments or stares concerning why a child that…

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