Case Studies in Assistive Technology and How It Helps – Part 4: Brian Discovers the Joys of Reading Independently

Assistive technology is a term that covers any tool that helps a person with a disability perform a task on his or her own.  The variety of tools is as great as the types of disability and the number of tasks that need to be done.  The Assistive Technlogy Center at Advancing Opportunities has provided individuals with custom guidance on selecting and using diverse devices and software to perform everyday tasks and recreational activities and to communicate with a greater degree of independence they thought possible.

Assistive Technology Enables Tess to Expresses Herself and Shine in School

   In middle school, Brian struggled to read.  His language arts teacher thought he was simply not making the effort.  “It was just so frustrating, because I was trying my best, but she didn’t realize it,” he says.  Brian has dyslexia.  To gain access to the written work, Brian listens to audio texts on several devices while visually following the text; Learning Ally supplies both the recordings and the hardware.  He can also download audio titles from Bookshare, a vast online library of accessible books.  “Assistive technology has been a lifeline,” says his mom.  “It’s been a way to enable him to become independent.”  Now, Brian attends college.


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