DVP Interview: Victor Pineda and Alice Wong

A professor offers discusses urban public planning from the perspective of someone with severe physical disabilities in this very interesting interview.

Disability Visibility Project

Below are some excerpts of an interview with Victor Pineda and Alice Wong for the Disability Visibility Project. Their interview was recorded at StoryCorps San Francisco on December 17, 2014.

These excerpts have been edited for space.

On disabling built environments

Alice: You have a Ph.D. in Public Affairs at UCLA and are an adjunct professor in the department of City and Regional Planning at UC Berkeley, so, you know, obviously you’ve studied a lot on disability studies and urban planning. How do you think built environments disable people, because I think sometimes people think – there’s a general perception that disability is at the individual level where it resides in the body, and as many people with disabilities understand, it’s fully an interactional process with institutions, policies, attitudes and the physical environment. So tell me about what you’ve learned in terms of how built environments can actually make…

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