Halloween and Trick-or-Treating for All Children

Halloween Jack o'lantern made by people with disabilities

These jack o’lanterns, created by children and young adults at one of our recent fall events, convey the smiles of their makers.

As we all know, Halloween is around the corner! Making a traditional costume can be a challenge, though a fun one. However, making a Halloween costume for a child in a wheelchair or one with sensory issues because of autism requires an extra bit of creativity. Young trick-or-treaters in a wheelchair have some wonderfully creative options as well.



Different Costumes for Different Minds – and Alternatives
Costumes, crowds and trick-or-treating can be triggers for kids with sensory processing issues. With these useful tips, Halloween can be easier for your child with sensory processing issues, especially touch and hearing.   In some cases, alternative choices to traditional door-to-door trick-or-treating may be preferable.

A mom blogger recently posted some ideas for making sensory-friendly costumes.  For more ideas on makes sensory-friendly costumes, both home-made and purchased, this source could be useful.  For example, full masks are usually a no-no, as are tight-fitting pieces of clothing.

Aside from private parties, many farms have Halloween attractions.  NJ Family has a list according to “scare factor,” which could be helpful to parents in the Garden State in picking a sensory-friendly farm.  One such event is in Belford (Monmouth).



Creativity Reigns with Wheelchair Costumes
Several entrepreneurs, many with children of disabilities of their own, have started nonprofit companies with astoundingly creative ideas for trick-or-treaters in wheelchairs.

And many more parents drew inspiration from their children’s wheelchair:

Site 1

Site 2

Site 3

Site 4

Site 5 

Site 6

…in Canada, too! 

These clever ideas are geared toward children with amputations.  One adult amputee, a Paralympian, used his disability with a sense of humor to create this costume.

Noteworthy is United Cerebral Palsy is holding its #HalloweenWithoutLimits 2015 awareness and information campaign.



And Don’t Forget Us!
And for the spirit in the adult in New Jersey, Advancing Opportunities has its own Halloween event planned.


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