The Classroom: A Diverse Ecosystem

The classroom can and should be a place where children of all abilities and cognitive backgrounds not only live but thrive.

Glass Footsteps

The noise of the woodwork room hit me over and over. A cascade of sound; over and over. Every little hammer may as well have been hitting me on the skull. The lights; they were flickering, attacking my eyes. The whole room was in motion; hammering, sawing, measuring, talking. I looked at the block of wood I had been working on; I was still on the first step. I tried to saw but my hands and eyes would not work together. I tried to hammer but the sound hurt too much, even with protective earmuffs. My hands’ desperate attempts at hammering only resulted in me missing the block or worse; splitting it in two. Everyone else seemed to  understand what they were doing.

 All of my body was filling up with fear. I tried to focus my mind, knowing full well it was in vain. I felt like everyone was staring at me, no…

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