Our Most Notable and Favorite Articles for the Week Ending February 5, 2016

At Advancing Opportunities, we excel in providing residential and respite services to people of with all disabilities, along with advocacy and education services for parents and guardians and assistive technology support.  As a leader in the field, we are pleased to share our experience, knowledge, and expertise with the disability community through our social media outlets: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.  In our Disability and Ability Highlights of the Week column, we will select the best of what we found and shared and present them.  Please click on the titles with embedded links to find the full article.


Adding Machine

It all adds up with this, a computer before there were computers. So, move aside, abacus, something much more high-tech has come along! It’s solid metal and made in the U.S.A. – as rare as is the two-tone color. This artifact was manufactured ca. 1942 by Wolverine, Pittsburgh, PA.



Disability in the news (mostly in New Jersey, the population we serve)
Just announced:
Saturday, April 16, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m
3rd Annual Facets of Dyslexia Conference
An important event on helping people with a learning disability in New Jersey

Also just announced:
Saturday, April 16, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Eden Autism Princeton Lecture Series
An important conference for autism parents and professionals, New Jersey
The newest issue of People and Families discusses serving inner-city children with a disability in New Jersey.

In New York: Letitia James, NY Public Advocate, sues NYC Education Department over schools’ failure to provide adequate disability services.

…and nationally and worldwide: 150 speakers to present at AutismOne conference, May 25-29, Chicago.  The list was just released.



For parents of a child with a disability (parenting, special needs):
Infant girls at risk for autism pay more attention to social cues in faces than do boys
, making it more difficult to diagnose autism in girls.



 Advocacy and self-advocacy:
The Right to Make Choices
: New Resource on Supported Decision-Making | Autistic Self Advocacy Network



People with a disability in the community (disability rights and acceptance):
Meet Karate Kickin’ Dwarf: “Instead of dwarf tossing, the dwarf tosses you.”



Inspirational and Informative (or Both!):
A Welsh dad, inspired by his daughter with autism, uses his love of photography to raise awareness of the positive aspects of children with ASD.



Disability awareness:
The American Horror Story actor talks radical politics, inspiration porn, and why the disability community needs its own Spike Lee.

Good to revisit:  Two UNICEF YouTube videos promote the awareness and rights of children with disabilities:



Assistive technology:
Here’s a fine BBC article on the many uses and promises of assistive technology.

A very bright girl, 12, created an app to help her sister, 9, who is on the autism spectrum.

Assistive technology helps this blind professor navigate her complex world.



Medical news – research:
Brain research
reveals subtle differences in the cells within the frontal lobe of the brain in men with autism.

A naturally produced protein may help reduce certain types of inflammation, such as those present in people with multiple sclerosis.


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