Our Most Notable and Favorite Disability Articles for the Week Ending March 4, 2016

At Advancing Opportunities, we excel in providing residential and respite services to people of with all disabilities, along with advocacy and education services for parents and guardians and assistive technology support.  As a leader in the field, we are pleased to share our experience, knowledge, and expertise with the disability community through our social media outlets: Facebook,  LinkedInGoogle+, and Pinterest.  In our Disability and Ability Highlights of the Week column, we will select the best of what we found and shared and present them.  Please click on the titles with embedded links to find the full article.

Long Valley Store & School

This historic building in Long Valley, NJ, served the as community’s general store and public school. Visible in the back are the ruins of a Moravian church.


Disability in the news (mostly in New Jersey, the population we serve)
A handy new ABLE Web site acts as a resource for all 50 states.

College psychology classes often overlook cognitive disabilities, according to a recent survey.



Advancing Opportunities News
We are proud to announce the launch of our Student Success Center – College/Career Access Institute.

March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month!  Advopps and CEO Jack Mudge were featured in excellent video.       



For parents of a child with a disability (parenting, special needs):
ABLE accounts are intended to be a simpler, less expensive way
for families to save money for members with disabilities.



Inspirational and Informative (or Both!):
From the Washington Post: “College basketball broadcaster Debbie Antonelli and her husband Frank applied the values of perseverance and discipline learned from their days as athletes in raising their son Frankie, who has Down syndrome. Today he’s applying for college.



Advocacy and self-advocacy:
YouTube advocacy work, on behalf of people with developmental disabilities, 2016.  Proclamation for Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, 2016, in Oregon.



Disability awareness:
March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month!  Advopps and CEO Jack Mudge were featured in excellent video.



Medical news – research:
In a feat of genetic engineering, researchers have found a way to re-create DNA duplications and deletions in human stem cells.  This technique could help individuals with autism.

Researchers are homing in on the superior temporal sulcus, a groove in the brain that collects social information, as a key player in autism.



Employment for people with disabilities:
Employment data for hiring people with disabilities are down


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