Galleries Increasingly Feature the Art of People with Disabilities


More and more, art produced by people with disabilities is gaining recognition by galleries and among the people who visit them, especially in Canada.  The Tangled Art Gallery has opened a new venue, the first permanent space in Canada to show the amazing art people with disabilities, in downtown Toronto.  Other shows are appearing this spring in Edmonton and Winnipeg, the latter in the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.  Another venue, Deaf and Disability Arts symposium, titled Cripping the Arts, will take place at Ryerson University, Toronto.  The same excellent article describes seven facts everyone needs to know about art by people with disabilities.

Meanwhile, a 2006 film called SHAMELESS: The ART of Disability continues to make the rounds across Canada and elsewhere.



In the US, one of the most well-known artists with a disability is Dan Keplinger, who has cerebral palsy.  He became famous, thanks to an excellent documentary, King Gimp, a 1999 documentary that won an Academy Award.


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