Assistive Technology Can Make Everyday Tasks Accessible to Wounded Veterans

This is the weekend to observe and appreciate all our veterans have given us. While Memorial Day honors those men and women who have died, many return but with severe physical and psychological injuries. Fortunately, there is assistive technology to make tasks of everyday living accessible.

American Flag

AbleData has published a concise online monograph with many links that provide invaluable information for veterans and their families.

The Hunter Holms McGuire VA Medical Center, Richmond, VA, is a central source for veterans and active-duty personnel; it is part of a network of VA medical centers that provide assistive technology.

Among the programs available are:
VA Specially Adapted Housing Program
VA Automobile and Special Adaptive Equipment Grants
Computer/Electronics Accommodations Program

All across the US, 3D printing prosthetics and assistive technology challenges have arisen across the US to help bring 3D-printed assistive devices to veterans.

And right here, in New Jersey, the Assistive Technology Center is here to help and even allow people to try out AT devices free of charge.


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