A Conference Explores the Social and Assistive Technology Issues of the Arts

How people with disabilities use the arts to express themselves and find a therapeutic calm and purpose is gaining more and more attention.  In this space, we discussed in an April blog post multiple efforts in Canada and the U.S. to provide public spaces to give access to these important voices to the community at large.



The University of Bergen, Norway, has announced its The Disability, Arts and Health Conference to be held this September.  According to its Web site, the conference “aims to reflect critically on how disability is represented and theorized in contemporary society, both in an academic context and outside the academy, including clinical practitioners, community activists, mainstream media and creative arts practitioners. We welcome abstracts from scholars, artists, community activists and practitioners from a diverse range of disciplines.”

The organizers are seeking papers in the following areas of study (quoting from the Web site):

  • Representations of disability
  • Prosthetics and the prosthetic metaphor
  • Biotechnology and disability
  • Disability in creative arts practice
  • Gender, sexuality and disability
  • Critical disability studies
  • Race and disability
  • Disability and colonial and anti-colonial practices
  • Biotechnological, health and/or disability imaginaries
  • The politics of disability.

The cross-disciplinary intersection of art, social issues, and technology should make for a very thoughtful and interesting intellectual experience.  And on a side note, it is worth revisiting this very interesting and enchanting TED talk by Christine Sun, deaf person uses “the music of sign language” to express how sound is very much a part of her life.


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