Autism is the Key

Two ways at looking at different situations, from the point of view of someone who is actually autistic.

Autism and Expectations

My husband always says you can find me in the logic. My actions are always reasoned. There’s always a clear pattern to follow.

What that meant, before I knew I was autistic, was that all of my logical conclusions about who I am were deeply flawed. That I misjudged and misconstrued both my own motivations, and other people’s.

Here are some examples of some vastly different thought patterns from before and after diagnosis:

Why do people not warm to me?

PRE: Because I’m not likeable. Because I’m not interesting. Because people just don’t like me.

POST: Because I can’t do the unconscious processing behind social interactions. I won’t be projecting things in a natural way, and I won’t pick up on the subtle nuances of other people’s movements. This leads to people thinking I’m closed to them because that’s what I’m projecting.

Why do I find it so…

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