When an entire family is actually autistic, everyone may feed off one another, but everyone also works together. It’s a family.



In my house, we are all autistic and we all have meltdowns.  This post is going to be about a meltdown of mine, I may write about the children later.  It was one of the worst I have had in a long time.  Post autism diagnosis, I am in a much better position to be able to analyse what happened and figure out how to avoid another in the future.

Prior to meltdown

After a month or so of no help with childcare, I had a terrible day yesterday.  I was unexpectedly told to attend a meeting, with lots of new people.  The children had to go to a new and unfamiliar place so they were nervous, excited and boisterous. There was lots of play fighting, which inevitably turned into real fighting.  I rarely take both children out on my own. I was very stressed.

Morning of meltdown

I woke up…

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