There’s Assistive Technology, and There’s the Right Assistive Technolgy


Like most girls her age, Mikayla Johnson likes to spend time outdoors.  However, with her cerebral palsy, mobility has been a challenge.  She had a traditional walker, which was adequate for moving about indoors, on smooth surfaces.  As her dad, Bob, explains in a video, he sought a walker that was sturdier and had large wheels to navigate soft ground and the wood chips that cover most playgrounds.  However, most assistive technology is expensive; even finding used equipment that was affordable was a challenge, as insurance would pay only part of the cost.

Through Advancing Opportunities’ Assistive Technology Center, Bob learned of Goodwill Home Medical Equipment, which has its main outlet, which is also located in Ewing, NJ.  This organization accepts donations of gently used medical equipment and toiletries.  Staff clean and refurbish these and offer them at prices most people can afford.  This is particularly useful for children, who quickly outgrow assistive devices.  Goodwill Home Medical is a resource partner of Advancing Opportunities.

Helping people help themselves leads to independence.


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