Call for Stories: Artists with Disabilities

This is a most interesting project, a chance for people with disabilities to share their stories about the part the arts have had in their lives.

Disability Visibility Project

Call for Stories

The Disability Visibility Project (DVP) is super excited to partner with the  Contemporary Jewish Museum for a listening party and panel discussion focusing on artists with disabilities on Sunday, September 25, 2016, 2 pm, San Francisco, CA. The event is free with advance registration. Check their calendar for event details, how to register, and information about accessibility/accommodations:

The DVP would like to invite any disabled artist (e.g., actors, filmmakers,performers, comedians, poets, musicians, painters, writers, dancers, etc.) to record a story at StoryCorps with someone who knows them well.

Talk about anything, but feel free to consider these topics:

  • Your work
  • The creative process
  • Intersections of your disability identity & identity as an artist
  • Your relationship w/ the disability and arts communities (including their intersections)
  • The power of art in your life
  • Accessibility and ableism in the GLAM community (gallery, library, archives, museums)

How to Participate

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