Our Most Notable and Favorite Disability Articles for the Week Ending August 19, 2016

At Advancing Opportunities, we excel in providing residential and respite services to people of with all disabilities, along with advocacy and education services for parents and guardians and assistive technology support.  As a leader in the field, we are pleased to share our experience, knowledge, and expertise with the disability community through our social media outlets: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.  In our Disability and Ability Highlights of the Week column, we will select the best of what we found and shared and present them.  Please click on the titles with embedded links to find the full article.

Please stop by our website, http://advopps.org/, and find out all we have to offer.  In addition, we are specialists in the area of assistive technology and offer a huge array of services; the Assistive Technology Center is New Jersey’s premier source of information and equipment.

Red Panda - Turtle Back Zoo

The Turtle Back Zoo, located in West Orange (Essex County) offers a huge variety of animals from around the world, both furry and scaly, wild and on the farm. This is one of the red pandas (Ailurus fulgens).



Disability in the news (mostly in New Jersey, the population we serve):

 A forthcoming New Jersey conference will address strategies for learning with LD and ADHD.  A myriad of workshops are offered to help parents, professionals, and students discover more about learning disabilities and attention issues.

New regulations will probably greatly expand the number of people with disabilities covered under ADA.



Advancing Opportunities job announcement of the week:

Advancing Opportunities is seeking an Assistive Technology Specialist for the northeastern New Jersey region.  This part-time position involves working with the statewide mobile services team and work one-on-one with children and adults with all types of disabilities. Duties Include traveling to schools, workplaces, and homes to provide on-site assessments and technical assistance, as well as providing workshops to advance awareness.  For more information about our AT Services Department, visit http://www.assistivetechnologycenter.org.



For parents of a child with a disability (parenting, special needs):

One autistic mom understands how parents fear for their autistic children’s safety. Here are seven tips to reduce worry and make sure your child remains safe.

The hardest thing for a parent of a child with special needs?  Other people, especially the adults.



Special education (including college for students with disability):

Some 16.5% of New Jersey students are classified with a disability, according to new statistics.

Beyond IEPs: Learning Disabilities Go to College

Most children who learn more than one language gain valuable academic and intellectual skills, and researchers say this may also be true for children with autism.



Informative, positive, noteworthy (or all three!):

Disability Advocate’s Uplifting Book of Poetry, Writings On the Wall: Inspirational Poems and Quotes, offers a powerful message of hope. 



Advocacy and self-advocacy:

A hiker in a wheelchair travels on the Olympic Discovery Trail near his home in Washington, advocating for greater accessibility to the outdoors.

The Boggs Center is currently accepting applications for its advocacy education program, Partners in Policymaking.  Adults with developmental disabilities and family members are invited to apply.   The training sessions begin in November and run for eight months; the educational sessions will be held one weekend per month.   Applications are due on September 9, 2016. For more information about the program and the application process, visit the Boggs Center website.

Voters with disabilities could play major roles in the election as more and more of this growing minority take to the polls.



Assistive technology:

The Cybathlon will pit cutting-edge technology against everyday tasks like hanging laundry.

Ingenuity and determination at their very best, with the help of very clever assistive technology: a paralyzed toddler uses a homemade wheelchair to get around.



People with a disability in the community (disability rights and acceptance):  

This blind Apple engineer is transforming the tech world at age 22.

The Next Steps program at First Stage, Milwaukee, offers autistic children with sensory challenges a chance to experience theater.



People with a disability in the arts:

An art exhibition highlights diversity of LGBTQ people with disabilities in Boston.



 Disability awareness and appreciation:

“An Open Letter from an Autistic Human”

Let go of your assumptions about autistic behaviors based only on your experience as a non-autistic person. Look at the world from an autistic person’s perspective.



Beauty, fashion, glamour people with a disability:

 A high-end fashion designer introduces her IZ Collection for fall 2016.   Adaptive clothing can be very fashionable!



Medical news – research:

Brain areas that spring to life when a person is at rest are less synchronized in girls with autism than in typical girls.

Aberrant development of speech processing in young children with autism: new insights from neuroimaging biomarkers

A young photographer uses his creative photography to document and cope with his depression.



Employment for people with disabilities:

National Disability Employment Awareness Month 2016 is coming!  Online posters are available for download.
Download “Mainstream,” a great song to help bring employment to people with all disabilities.



Animals and animal therapy:

Here’s a beautiful story of how a service dog changed the life of a boy with autism and helped his family.

Having a pet dog around the house may markedly lower stress in families of children with autism.

A loyal service dog helps a young woman with severe rheumatoid arthritis.


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