So, there it is – an #autism diagnosis at last

This is a very interesting piece not just on autism awareness but, more important, autism self-awareness. Autism and Asperger’s are something some people are born with. A formal diagnosis may be helpful, but not having a diagnosis does not mean that one is not on the autism spectrum.

Just Under Your Radar

woman pulling medical records off a shelf filled with folders Just because there’s no official record of our condition, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist

It’s been a long time coming — 18 years, give or take. Or, more accurately, 18 years, 6 months, and 26 days.

I got my assessment confirmation letter via email last night. The outcome? My profile of abilities and spiky profile can best be explained with a DSM-V diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (Level 1 – Subtype is Asperger Syndrome)

I’m ignoring the “Disorder” piece of it, as well as the Level 1. That’s just a formality, based on the DSM-V, which most people agree could use a tune-up with regards to autism. Some folks (me included) think that the autism spectrum shouldn’t even be included — just like homosexuality, which was classified as a mental illness within my lifetime. It’s only been “off the books” for about 43 years — considering all the pain and suffering it…

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