‘Autism and my affinity for foreigners’ by Tom Clements (formerly known as ‘The Autistic Buddha’)

An autistic blogger received a beautiful guest piece. He was so touched, his immediate reaction was to share it. My sentiments are exactly the same, which is why I share it on behalf of my agency, Advancing Opportunities. A major portion of our team is made up of people who represent diverse cultures representing many countries on at least four continents. Our consumers no doubt feel very much at home among others who, like the people described in this piece, feel very much outsiders.

the silent wave

Oh wow!  I woke up to a neat present in my Twitter notifications this morning, which prompted me to finally check my Primary email section – and here was this gem, sparkling, shimmering, waiting for the audience it so greatly deserves.  And speaking of audience, y’all are wonderful!! ❤  OK, on with the writing – I can very much identify with sentiment of this gorgeous piece, except that he tells his story in much more vivid color and with greater talent than I ever could! 🙂 🙂

As somebody with autism, I often feel like an outsider living on the fringes of mainstream society.  My behaviours compared to that of the majority population are seen as so different, so alien to most people, that I’m quite often made to feel like a foreigner in my home country.  A similar sense of outsiderism is also felt by many new arrivals to…

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