Our Most Notable and Favorite Disability Articles – For the Week Ending June 23, 2017

Ralston Mill Mechanical Wizzardry

This clockwork set of gears, wheels, and sprockets is part of the wizzardry of the Ralston cider mill, Mendham, New Jersey (Morris County). All of this is powered by a large water wheel!
Photo: Daniel L. Berek


At Advancing Opportunities, we excel in providing residential and respite services to people of with all disabilities, along with advocacy and education services for parents and guardians and assistive technology support. As a leader in the field, we are pleased to share our experience, knowledge, and expertise with the disability community through our social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest. In our Disability and Ability Highlights of the Week column, we will select the best of what we found and shared and present them. Please click on the titles with embedded links to find the full article.

In addition, we at Advancing Opportunities are specialists in the area of assistive technology and offer a huge array of services; the Assistive Technology Center is New Jersey’s premier source of information and equipment.



Advancing Opportunities Job Announcement of the Week

We’re hiring!

Advancing Opportunities has immediate openings for full- and part-time Direct-Support and Family-Support Professionals in residential care programs throughout New Jersey. For the rest of June, we are holding the following job fair:

  • Tuesday, June 29. Marlboro Free Public Library, 1 Library Ct., Marlboro, NJ
  • Wednesday, July 12. Our Budd Lake office, 98 US Rte. 46 West, Office 2 Budd Lake, NJ



Candidates will be providing direct care to men and women with disabilities in residential support programs and group home settings. This includes supervision and/or assistance with personal care, daily living activities, recreational pursuits, transportation, medical appointments, or any other needs the individuals may have.

If you cannot make the job fair, please send your résumé to: hr@advopps.org



Disability in the News (Mostly in New Jersey, the Population We Serve)

The Paper Mill Playhouse received a $40,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. The funding supports the Paper Mill’s “Theatre for Everyone” project, a series of programs that serves the needs of children with autism and other social and cognitive disabilities.


A River Edge, NJ, teen with autism gives back to children with disabilities.
Isabelle Rapin, who advanced concept of an autism spectrum, died at 89



Special Education

A growing number of schools are offering a program called ASD Nest, which aims to help students understand the school environment.

A new report from the National Center for Learning Disabilities is out: The State of LD



Assistive Technology

Children with learning disabilities need to see others modeling the assistive technology that can help them succeed.


IEEE issued a special report on assistive technology. This piece follows the interesting AT timeline, published mentioned in this space last week. A blog by the organization notes that most developers fail to design websites accessible to people with disabilities.



Informative, Positive, Noteworthy (or All Three!)

One tiny dancer is challenging all the stereotypes about cerebral palsy.


Multiple sclerosis blogs are both helpful and positive for people affected by the condition. Here are ten excellent resources.



The Arts and People with Disabilities

A New Zealand man with Down syndrome and a disability advocate, Duncan finds his role in dance to be his most effective outlet.


People with a disability in the community (disability rights and acceptance; inclusion)
Excellent TED Talk: “Why design should include everyone”




Disability Awareness and Appreciation

The Netflix Original series “Atypical” follows an autistic boy with autism.


What do you want people to know about MS?



Medical News—Research

A study answers why ketamine helps depression and offers a target for safer therapy. http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/releases/318056.php



Animals and Animal Therapy

All those pictures of cute puppies and cuddly kittens have a purpose! Learning to associate spouses with unrelated positive stimuli—such as pictures of puppies—could help improve marital satisfaction, according to a study.


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