It Is Important to Reflect on Our Work to Continue Serving Our Individuals with Disabilities.


Important to Ask Ourselves…

For those of us who are direct-support professionals, in residential and respite care, at the end of the day, it is important to reflect on our work by asking ourselves the following:

  • How did I help this individual?
  • What did I do to enrich his life?
  • How did I acknowledge her accomplishments?
  • How did I ensure his voice was heard and that he had the opportunity to make his own decisions?

In addition to asking these questions of ourselves to serve others, it is important to document the answers on reports on the progress toward their ISP goals! This last consideration can be critical for an agency to continue to receive funds… to keep on serving their consumers with disabilities.


This Labor Day

We_Can_Do_It!Wishing all our consumers and families, and the great team that serves them, all the best this Labor Day.  Our Residential Supports team is hard at work on behalf of our New Jersey residents with all disabilities, both at home and in the community.