Appreciating Men and Women Who Died in Service and Helping Disabled Veterans in New Jersey

honoring veterans who died or were disabled

Graves at Arlington National Cemetery bear silent witness to the sacrifices of our service men and women.

Today, Memorial Day, the Advancing Opportunities team remembers and pays respect to our brave men and women lost in battle. We are ever grateful to them and their families for their sacrifice.

However, other veterans do make it home but sustain lifelong disabilities. For them, there are assistive technology solutions; our team of professionals at the Assistive Technology Center is ready to assist, whether the need is for mobility hardware or augmentative communication—and anything in between.



or other needs, state government agencies right here in New Jersey are ready to help. The New Jersey  Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (NJDMVA) is dedicated to “serving those who served.” The agency has produced the handy New Jersey Veterans’ Benefits Guide. The guide lists clinics throughout the state, provides information on health insurance, and lists regional Vet Centers to assist with benefits. Also critically important is information on assistance with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), an increasingly common disability. Veterans will find organizations that help with employment (including job training), entrepreneurship, training and education, recreation, and transportation, along with specific disabilities. NJDMVA also offers medals and awards in recognition of distinguished service. “I owe you! Veterans, you may be able to receive benefits you’re not even aware of!”

Also worth consulting is the Disabled American Veterans Department of New Jersey. To all who served, along with their families, we thank you!


A Heartfelt Thank You to All Who Have Served

All of us at Advancing Opportunities express our deep gratitude to all the men and women, past and present, who have fought for our country and the values that we, and people everywhere, hold so dear. Thank you!


Welcome home!  This banner is one of the many artifacts at the small but poignant Millville Army Air Museum, Millville, NJ.  

This photo is one of the many displays at the small but poignant Millville Army Air Museum, located at the old airport in the small New Jersey town of that name.  Though the museum started as a memorial to the pilots of P-47 Thunderbolt aircraft who trained and died there during World War II, it honors all veterans, including those who continue to volunteer there and always have a fascinating story (or two) to tell.

Assistive Technology Can Make Everyday Tasks Accessible to Wounded Veterans

This is the weekend to observe and appreciate all our veterans have given us. While Memorial Day honors those men and women who have died, many return but with severe physical and psychological injuries. Fortunately, there is assistive technology to make tasks of everyday living accessible.

American Flag

AbleData has published a concise online monograph with many links that provide invaluable information for veterans and their families.

The Hunter Holms McGuire VA Medical Center, Richmond, VA, is a central source for veterans and active-duty personnel; it is part of a network of VA medical centers that provide assistive technology.

Among the programs available are:
VA Specially Adapted Housing Program
VA Automobile and Special Adaptive Equipment Grants
Computer/Electronics Accommodations Program

All across the US, 3D printing prosthetics and assistive technology challenges have arisen across the US to help bring 3D-printed assistive devices to veterans.

And right here, in New Jersey, the Assistive Technology Center is here to help and even allow people to try out AT devices free of charge.