About Celebrating Individual Abilities

Having lived overseas and traveled to many places, I have developed a strong intellectual curiosity.  Moreover, I have gained an appreciation for individual cultures, ethnicities and, most recently, abilities.  I much prefer the term “abilities” over “disabilities,” although I work with adults and children with special needs at Advancing Opportunities, a social service agency that provides in-house and community respite family support services, advocacy, and assistive technology to enable the people served lead full lives as independently as possible.  To find more about Advancing Opportunities, please visit the agency  website.

I am the Communication Specialist at Advancing Opportunities; I also serve as a Family Support Specialist.  My background is in editing and writing and special education, for which I hold full New Jersey certification as a Teacher of Students with Special Needs.  Although I write this blog as an employee of Advancing Opportunities, views expressed in Celebrating Individual Abilities are not necessarily those of the agency.  Products or services featured here do not imply endorsement.

Advancing Opportunities is also on FacebookTwitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, and Pinterest.


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